About me

Mi name is Jordi Baldó aka VesperOn, I'm a graphic designer and sound artist based in Lleida, focused on the field of analog sound synthesis in low resolution, using the sound chip of the 80's videogame systems, especially Nintendo GameBoy (DMG-01). At present, I work and investigate two different lines, a more musical first (with techno and electro influences), in which I collaborate with the Barcelona's netlabel Lowtoy, and a second one that is the sound of the audiovisual performance Hattlerizer 2.0, a liveset based on the projection and real-time creation of a purely synthetic, geometric and abstract animation piece by Max Hattler.

Soundcloud: VesperOn
Twitter: @vesper_on
Youtube: VesperOnChannel
Contact: me@vesperon.net


Punto y Raya/liveset

Hattlerizer 2.0 at Punto y Raya Festival 2014 (Reykjavík, IS).
A feast of pure Colour, Motion and Sound. Non-representational Art takes the lead at the first edition of Reykjavík Visual Music – Punto y Raya Festival, which will take place from January 30th to February 2nd 2014 at HARPA, the Reykjavík Concert Hall, and Listasafn Reykjavíkur, the Reykjavík Art Museum (Iceland).

Photo: Punto y Raya Festival (2014).

The programme features live performances by major artists like Ryoji Ikeda and Ryoichi Kurokawa; specially commissioned opening concerts by Bret Battey + Hugi Guðmundsson & Sigurður Guðjónsson + Anna Þorvaldsdóttir; guest Austrian and Polish Film panoramas, and the selected works in the international live set & short-film Competitions, which brought together nearly 500 artists from 46 countries.

Dee Heys!/liveset

No plates, turntables, cd-players or external memories devices… over the table only two Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01. Watch the full session.

Fest Anca/liveset

Hattlerizer 3.0 at Fest Anča 2018 (Zilina, SK).
"It may seem that time is not an important topic in Max Hattler's work, for space in his work is being manipulated and carefully deconstructed. However, performing with Spanish musician Jordi Baldó, aka VesperOn (Sounds via Nintendo Game Boy), he gave one of the most stress-free and simultaneously complex festival events, where the concrete passing of time is simply not taken into account". (Vassilis Kroustallis, Zippy Frames).


Series #0050
Image synthesis with C4D & Photoshop.


One Nintendo Game Boy with LSDJ software (no post production).


DMG Series #0700
Image synthesis with C4D & Photoshop.


Hattlerizer/VesperOn at EMAF 2012 (Osnabrück, DE).
“Together with the Barcelona-based Game Boy music artist VesperOn, Max Hattler will present a proto-infographic live performance. It will be loud, colourful and absolutely entertaining – prepare to be amazed!” (EMAF News).

Photo: Kerstin Hehmann (2012).

Hattlerizer/VesperOn at AND Festival 2012 (Manchester, UK).
“Hattlerise/VesperOn thrust you into a tunnel of euphoric visual sonicism. Max Hattler’s immersive visuals act as a magnetic anchor of the audience’s gaze, they’re hypnotic, immersive and arresting. Once locked into the central core of the visual the viewer is then propelled into a heady audio abyss via a wave of analogue noise by VesperOn whose reworked Game Boy synthesisers shoot abrupt beats that culminate into a reimagined sense of techno musicality.

"It’s an intense ride that leaves the audience buzzing and yearning for more!”. (Christina Millare, Programme Co-ordinator, Cornerhouse / AND Festival)


Photo: David del Val (2012).

Hattlerizer/VesperOn at Animac 2012 (Lleida, ES).
“Al igual que otros años, Animac siguió conectando la animación más experimental con la música de vanguardia. Esto se sintetizó a la perfección en la agresiva performance que ofrecieron Max Hattler, el animador alemán residente en Londres, y el leridano VesperOn, basada en una fusión de ritmos 8 bits con estética protoinfográfica”. (Citoplasmas)


Series #0000
Image synthesis with Processing, random generative algorithm.


ZERO is the musical and sonorous starting point, an eclectic and experimental work with only one intention, learn and find an own style. Download it for free at Lowtoy Netlabel.

"Cyberpunk show a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a combination of Low-life and High-tech, featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements". Now it's time to write our future, to think in people, to think in feelings... it's time to Low-tech and High-life.